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Point and Shoot Cameras

Best Point and Shoot Camera Under $200 [Top 10 Editor’s Pick]

Find the best point and shoot camera under 200 USD that has a perfect set of photography features and image quality capabilities for you.

Best point and shoot camera under 200

People most prefer point and shoot cameras since they are easy to use and don’t require much manual effort by the user. While the DSLRs can require you to make changes with the lenses and make different kinds of adjustments, point and shoot cameras make it easy for you to point the camera and shoot. Its application is where this camera gets its name.

We’ve tested each and every cheap digital camera costing less than $200 to see which one best fits that bill. These cameras can be convenient for not only the newbies but for the professionals as well. Here is a list of top 10 best point and shoot cameras under 200 dollars.

Best Point and Shoot Camera Under 200 USD [Top 10 Picks]

1. Sony DSCWX220/B Best Performance In  Digital Camera

Sony DSCWX220/B - best point and shoot camera under 200

Average Customer Rating


Sony DSCWX220/B 18.2 MP is the best digital camera under 200 with 2.7-Inch LCD (Black) is on the top of the list due to the high customer reviews and satisfaction. It can be used professionally or personally.

Along with the pictures, it also allows you to record full HD videos and easily connect with your other devices like smartphones and tablets with simple wi-fi.

18.2MP Exmor R CMOS makes this camera smart with a sensor for superb low light images. It features a BIONZ X engine which is excellent for noise cancellation and offering excellent details of the images and can be operated at different temperatures 32-104°F/0-40°C easily.

Sony DSCWX220/B comes with different accessories which include the user manual, AC adaptor, rechargeable battery, wrist strap, and micro USB cable. The battery life of it is not too long, but it allows you to use it for more than 2 hours after recharging them. By recharging your battery once, you can take up to 210 still shots easily.

Specifications of Sony DSCWX220/B
Type Compact
Megapixels 18.2 MP
Sensor Size 1/2.3 inch CMOS
Lens Type 10x zoom (25-250 mm eq.) f/3.3-5.9
Screen 2.7 Inch 461K dots
ViewFinder Digital
Max Burst Speed 10 fps
Max video resolution 1920 x 1080p
Dimensions 113.4 x 91.9 x 57.2 mm
Weight 296 g                                                                                           

The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX220 as a whole is rarely confusing though. There are minimal controls to master and those you do get are easily familiarised. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, but still want something which can take good pictures, are interested in the zoom performance and are tempted by the range of creative options, you won’t go far wrong with this camera.

2. Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic


Average Customer Rating


While the primary purpose of these cameras is to make everything more automatic, this camera eliminates the need to adjust brightness and shutter speed according to the surroundings. It gives out the best quality photograph without the photographer having to make many efforts.

There are 2 images that can be produced in one film by pressing the shutter twice. A light trail can be photographed when the shutter button is depressed, and this feature can only be used for up to 10 seconds maximum.

One can use these cameras to photograph the objects close to you as much as 30 to 60 cm. It also features a child mode specially designed to photograph kids and pets or fast-moving objects. This camera does not allow you to make good quality videos, but the shutter speed, and ability to adjust according to the environment is what enables it to be second on the list. It is one of the best in budget point and shoot camera under 200 for photography.

Specifications of Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic
Type Instant Film Camera
Picture size 62mm x 46mm
Lens Type 60mm eq. f/12.7
ViewFinder Digital
Film size 86mm x 54 mm
Dimensions 113.4mm x 91.9mm x 57.2mm
Weight 265 g

The Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic offers the most productive control, highest photo quality, and most attractive retro aesthetics of any camera we’ve used that shoots with Instax mini-sized film.

If you don’t mind spending a bit of extra money, the Mini 90 is undoubtedly a more capable camera than the entry-level Mini 9 which cost less then $200.

For its price and features, we recommend for most casual snapshooters.

3. Canon PowerShot SX410 IS (Black) Best Zoom Camera

Canon PowerShot SX410 - Best Zoom Camera Under $200

Average Customer Rating


Canon PowerShot SX410 IS (Black) is the perfect fit for all the people who like taking their shots from a distance or covering the whole scene in just one photograph. It has the power to zoom in to up to 40 times and capture the image about 24mm wide.

This camera can be used to capture the images of the landscapes or to zoom in to the stage of any school and shoot every expression of the performer. It can capture HD videos with the quality of about 1280 x 720 pixels and 25 frames per second. 3 inch LCD gives you a clear resolution to watch everything you are filming or capturing. For its long zoom, you can say this is the best point and shoot camera under 200 dollars of best zoom cameras.

Specifications of Canon PowerShot SX410 IS (Black)
Type Compact
Megapixels 20.5 MP
Sensor Size 1/2.3 inch CCD
Lens Type 40x zoom (24-960mm eq.) f/3.4-6.3
Screen 3 Inch 230k dots
ViewFinder Digital
Max Burst Speed 2.2 fps Continuous Shoot
Max video resolution 1280 x 720p
Dimensions 104.4 x 69.1 x 85.1 mm
Weight 325 g                                                                                          

4. Nikon Coolpix A300

Nikon Coolpix A300 - best compact camera for travel

Average Customer Rating


Nikon Coolpix A300 camera is ideal for travelers who love to keep sharing their photographs online as soon as they click them. It can be connected to compatible smartphones easily via wi-fi, Bluetooth snapbridge, or NFC.

You can zoom in optically up to 8 times and excellent dynamic zoom up to 16 times. It is easy to carry, and anyone can use it on the go by keeping it in their pocket. For daily photography of nature, pets, or food, this camera serves the right purpose. It can work with the low light conditions and still manage to bring the best out of the photographs.

Even though it is not preferred professionally, it can still be one of the best pocket cameras that you can get. Due to the high connectivity and hybrid VR, anyone can use it to clicket excellent photographs for their Instagram or Facebook.

Specifications of Nikon Coolpix A300
Type Compact
Megapixels 20.48 MP
Sensor Size 1/2.3 inch CCD
Lens Type 8x zoom (25-200 mm eq.) f/3.7-6.6
Screen 2.7 Inch 230K dots
ViewFinder Digital
Max Burst Speed approx. 6 shots 1.1 fps
Max video resolution 1280 x 720p
Dimensions 95.9 x 58 x 20.1 mm
Weight 119 g                                                                                          

Canon IXUS 190

best digital camera under 200 USDAnother best digital camera from canon is the Canon IXUS 190, which is a rival of Nikon Coolpix A300, and it comes within $200. The Canon IXUS 190 is a new stylish and super-slim compact camera. The Canon IXUS 190 features a 20-megapixel sensor, a 10x zoom lens, a 3-inch LCD screen, built-in wi-fi, and NFC connectivity, and 720p HD movie recording.

If you want something you can throw in a bag and not worry too much about damaging, or to take on nights out, etc., the IXUS 190 is the best option to choose from.

In short, the Canon IXUS 190 seems a little redundant in the current market, but if you are looking specifically for a small, light and standalone camera, you can get some relatively good photos in vivid sunshine then it could suit you, anything other than that and the camera can strive.

5. Sony DSC-W830

Sony DSC-W830 - best point and shoot camera under 200

Average Customer Rating


Images can be clicked with this camera from a distance and still can look brilliant due to the zoom-in options available. It can record videos of up to 1280 x 720 pixels quality easily and comes with different effects to apply to your pictures and videos.

Built-in features allow you to perform different functions on your photographs like adjusting your skin tone, adjust or whiten your teeth, etc. It has a steady image stabilization, which makes it easy to click the still pictures even with shaky hands.

Not the ideal camera for shooting videos, but the best one for clicking images from short distances. There are plenty of built-in filters in this camera which can be applied right before clicking the picture eliminating the need to apply some on your mobile afterward.

Specifications of Sony DSC-W830
Type Compact
Megapixels 20.1 MP
Sensor Size 1/2.3 inch CCD
Lens Type 8x zoom (25-200 mm eq.) f/3.3-6.3
Screen 2.7 Inch 230K dots
ViewFinder Digital
Max Burst Speed 0.80 fps (for up to 100 shot)
Max video resolution 1280 x 720p
Dimensions 93.1 x 22.5 x 52.5 mm
Weight 104 g                                                                                         

Canon PowerShot ELPH 360

Canon PowerShot ELPH 360 - best camera under 200


Average Customer Rating


With the best style and sharp looks, this camera can capture your best styles and looks too. And that’s why Canon PowerShot ELPH 360 has taken a very good place in our list of the best point and shoot camera under $200. It can be zoomed in up to 12 times and offer the best quality images with the ability to record videos of 1080 pixels.

This camera is perfect for any occasion to take high-resolution pictures that can be shared effortlessly via Wi-Fi and NFC. Three inches LCD makes it easy to view everything clearly from a wide-angle. The pictures and the videos being clicked and recorded by this camera can be very easily shared with others by secure connectivity via Bluetooth or the wi-fi.

Specifications of Canon PowerShot ELPH 360
Type Compact
Megapixels 20.2 MP
Sensor Size 1/2.3 inch CMOS
Lens Type 12x zoom (25-300mm eq.) f/ 3.6-7.0
Screen 3-inch 461K dots
ViewFinder Digital
Max Burst Speed 7.2 fps
Max video resolution 1920 x 1080p
Dimensions 99.6 x 58.0 x 22.8 mm
Weight 147 g                                                                                        


Canon PowerShot SX620 HS

Canon PowerShot SX620 HS - best point and shoot camera under 200

Average Customer Rating


For every professional who likes a camera in the pocket all the time, this is an ideal camera. You can click the photographs from a long distance with shaky hands and will still get the perfect click. It has the image stabilizer, which automatically adjusts the image and gives you the best picture.

Canon PowerShot SX620 is the best point and shoot camera under 200 dollars when you looking for a cheap digital camera since you can click the pictures with 25 times zoom and still attain the perfect click.

The pictures and videos can be easily transferred then to the mobile with high connectivity. It is highly recommendable for the professionals and not for the newbies. You can record high-quality videos of 1080 pixels with its long zoom.

Specifications of Canon PowerShot SX620 HS
Type Compact
Megapixels 20.2 MP
Sensor Size 1/2.3 inch CMOS
Lens Type 25x zoom (25-625mm eq.) f/3.2-6.6
Screen 3 Inch 922K dots
ViewFinder Digital
Max Burst Speed 7.1 fps
Max video resolution 1920 x 1080p
Dimensions 96.9 x 56.9 x 27.9 mm
Weight 182 g                                                                                        

If you’re someone who is willing to invest a significant amount of money, to achieve professional-quality photos and videos, then the best digital cameras under 500 USD which has advanced features like DSLR or a DSLR might be right for you.

GoPro HERO 7 White Best Waterproof Camera

GoPro HERO 7 White - Best Waterproof Camera


Average Customer Rating


GoPro HERO7 is the best waterproof camera and can be used in the rain or in any other weather to capture the beauty of the land or humans. GoPro HERO7 is one of the rarest waterproof touch and point cameras under $200. It is a touch screen and can be used by anyone at any time to click the pictures and swipe on the screen.

It features the video stabilizer, photo timer, full HD video, and 10MP photos lens. Whether you are shooting outside for professional photographs or some pictures for Snapchat, you can achieve the best results with this camera.

GoPro HERO7 is not recommended to the professionals since it cannot be zoomed in and cannot click high-quality pictures from a distance. This is quite perfect for the people who like taking group photos a lot since it includes a timer for them.

Specifications of GoPro HERO 7 White
Type Mountable
Megapixels 10 MP
Sensor Size 1-Chip CMOS
Screen 2 Inch
ViewFinder Digital
Max Burst Speed 15 fps
Max video resolution 1920 x 1440p
Water Resistance 10 Meters
Dimensions 6.2 x2.8 x 4.5 cm
Weight 116 g                                                                          


Fujifilm FinePix XP70

best travel camera


Average Customer Rating


Fujifilm XP70 is for all the travelers who like to click pictures in every temperature and under all kinds of circumstances. It can be used underwater, is shock-resistant, can resist cold temperatures, and is sand/dustproof.

It can be easily connected to other devices wirelessly with easy connectivity. You can not only capture the pictures but record videos as well with this camera. It is not the ideal camera for recording videos, but it takes excellent quality pictures for any occasion.

Specifications of Fujifilm FinePix XP70
Type Compact
Megapixels 16.4 MP
Sensor Size 1/2.3 inch CMOS
Lens Type 5x zoom (28-140 mm eq.) f/ 3.9-4.9
Screen 2.7 Inch 460K dots
ViewFinder Digital
Max Burst Speed 10 fps
Max video resolution 1920 x 1080p
Dimensions 104.1 x 66.5 x 25.9mm
Weight 162 g                                                                         


Nikon COOLPIX W100 Best Compact Digital Camera

Nikon COOLPIX W100 - best digital camera under 200

Average Customer Rating


Nikon COOLPIX W100 is one of the most solid shockproof best point and shoot camera under 200 USD which can be used by the professional photographers or the travelers who like to click pictures a lot. It is waterproof, shockproof, and freezeproof.

This camera is light and easy to carry around and can record Ultra HD quality videos and excellent quality pictures. It has low zoom in options making it hard to capture the scenes at a distance, but it does extraordinary justice to the photographs at short distances.

Specifications of Nikon COOLPIX W100
Type Compact
Megapixels 13.2 MP
Sensor Size 1/3.1 inch CMOS
Lens Type 3x zoom (30-90 mm eq.) f/3.3-5.9
Screen 2.7 Inch 230 k dots
ViewFinder Digital 
Max Burst Speed 11 fps
Max video resolution 1920 x 1080p
Dimensions 109.5 x 67.0 x 38.0mm
Weight 177 g                                                                        

What to Look for in a Best Point and Shoot Cameras Under 200 dollars

While shopping for your best point and shoot camera in the market, there are many different things you have to keep a record of before making an actual purchase. You can look at the list of the products above of the best products, or if you want to purchase on your own, there are the features that you have to keep in mind:


The quality of the screen and the size matter a lot since you will be previewing everything there before clicking any pictures or recording videos.


Since we are talking about the best point and shoot camera under $200, price plays one of the essential roles as well. You don’t want ever to overspend on just a simple camera.

Zoom options

In photography, one of the important things is the full coverage even from a long distance, the greater the zoom options you have, the better quality pictures you will be able to click.

Image stabilizer

This is a must add on to get the best quality pictures while being in a moving car or while having shaky hands.


In order to be able to transfer your pictures and videos to your smartphone all the time, you need to get the camera with the best connectivity.

Video quality

The higher the quality, the better. But, it can vary from person to person depending upon the need.

Lens quality

The lens of the camera needs to be good to click the best pictures. The requirements of them can vary from person to person as well.


Most of these cameras are portable, but you need to make sure that they can fit in your pocket so you can carry them anywhere anytime that you want.

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