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Best Outdoor Security Cameras of 2021 (UHD, Advanced Motion Detection)

It is indeed of no doubt that security camera systems are becoming one of the booming industries of the present times, given that people have to rush back to work, and all they can really do to keep an eye, is get one of these installed.

This is the prominent reason why even the people who already have camera systems installed are going out there and purchasing the updated versions of this technology to obtain enhanced features & functionalities, let alone the ones who are still in line to get their first.

Best Outdoor Security Cameras

Salesmen would never want you to know the bare minimum, something as simple as outdoor security camera systems and indoor security camera systems works for simultaneous goals, as their name suggests. Yes, if they’re making more profit on what you want, they’d gladly guide you. So, each of us must understand that we live in a society, and digging a little deeper into the products we want is supposed to be the new normal.

But worry not, here, as you must’ve speculated by now, will guide you towards some of the Best Outdoor Home Security Camera Systems of 2021, specifically the outdoor systems.

This list includes the best of the best, so keep in mind that it’s not a ranked list. All products set numerous benchmarks within the industry, whether it be in terms of quality, features, customer feedback, being value-for-money, etc. These products make up for ranking highest onto all relevant parameters to measure the ‘PERFECT PRODUCT.’

So make sure you glance at each product, their key features as we’ve listed, and have a little patience before you check out our Final Verdict as a bonus too!

Why you should not use Indoor Security Camera as Outdoor Security Camera?

Suppose it’s specifically an outdoor camera that you look for. In that case, there’s absolutely no reason to opt for an indoor camera for outdoor purposes, even if it’s offered at a lower price.

They both serve a simultaneous purpose, and thus it might not be the best idea to choose a whole other range of cameras. For instance, outdoor cameras are designed to resist tough weather conditions, dust, whatnot. There’s no scope for imperfection, hence outdoor cameras are also relatively heavier when compared with regular indoor cameras so that even if a stone hits it once or twice, it doesn’t even get scratched.

But this exact mechanism is useless indoors because we need easier installation, lighter weight, enhanced wireless integration, and stuff that outdoor cameras can’t fulfill. It’s a proven fact that if a person has need of an outdoor camera or indoor cameras, they must never go the other way and choose the irrelevant option. It’s a waste of money.

This is why we insist you figure out your needs before you try to think which camera works best. If it’s an indoor security camera that you really need, we’ve created an article on the same.

What to Consider When Buying Outdoor Home Security Cameras?

We’ve formulated a list of the elements with the essential criteria to measure a product’s perfection and precision towards fulfilling your exclusive needs. In this case, it’s an outdoor security camera system, so we must consider relevant points. Based on that, should we come to a conclusion? Here’s what you should ultimately look into a product.

Motion and Sound detection

A security camera must-haves include flawless motion detection functionality that helps you find out who’s trying to break into your property and prevent the outcome that it could’ve led to. This is something you must not compromise, so always keep in mind, motion and sound detection are one of the most prominent features you should never let slip.


Durability is one factor to consider because the security camera is installed outside, and if any weather conditions, bad or worse affect it in the roughest of ways, we must be ready. If your camera at the bare minimum is weatherproof and waterproof, it can work just pretty well.

But remember, this is the bare minimum. It’s never the wrong idea to make sure your device is dustproof as well as temperature proof because even if the temperature conditions aren’t that bad at your place, there’s a lot of other ways it might get deteriorated, such as loo, storms, rain, sandstorms, literally anything. Being ready for everything is the best. After all, this is a one-time investment into the future.


At least 1080p quality and 2K video quality is a must. Also make sure it works perfectly in night and dark times, both in terms of motion-facial detection and color detection too. You can go up to 4K if you want, but that really depends upon your needs and choice.

Night Vision/Lighting

If the camera doesn’t have a fantastic flash pre-installed into it, along with a night vision and brilliant color and motion detection functionality, it’s not worth it. This is literally the bare minimum because if an intruder ever breaks into your property at night and the camera doesn’t work righteously, because it can only work correctly in properly lit conditions, that’d be a problem. Be ready from Day-1 and stay away from products that ask for lesser money but make you compromise on the quality and even the valuable features.


The product should be compatible with cloud storage as well as local storage options. If your device offers cloud storage, that’s the best because, in that case, you don’t have to worry about carrying hard drives here and there. It’s also a highly appreciated and beneficial feature to access the footage from your desired device, anytime you want, from any device you like!

How much maximum amount should you spend?

Again, it depends. There are a lot of options out there for all kinds of budgets, low and high. However, we recommend you to consider giving a glance at the rates of some of the best products, compare their features and what they have to offer with each other, and look for the pricing of the ones you feel drawn towards. That’s the simplest way to calculate what is your budget and what is it that you really need. It’s not like you need to invest hundreds or thousands of dollars into each camera.

Standard and beneficial features are offered at a price lesser than that, but you can’t move any lesser than these such products. Because, if you go for a relatively cheaper product, it might be a disappointment in the future because not all products work upon your expectations.

Remember, it is a one-time investment. If carried out correctly, you might even say tons of money on a qualitative product, in terms of no repairing cost, no monthly service cost, literally nothing. If you do the math, you’ll get to the conclusion that a qualitative product saves you hundreds if not thousands of bucks over the span of years. There’s no wanting to purchase a cheaper product once you are buying a reliable and qualitative one. Choose wisely!

Quick Comparison of Outdoor Security Cameras

Key Features Best Overall Best Floodlight Camera Best Value for Money Best Selling Best for Indoor and Outdoor
Arlo Pro 3 Spotlight Camera Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera Google Nest Cam Outdoor Zmodo Outdoor Security Camera Blink Outdoor ZUMIMALL Wireless Security Camera Goowls Smart Home Security Lorex 4K HD
Arlo Pro 3 Spotlight Camera Best Floodlight Camera Weatherproof Outdoor Camera for Home Security Zmodo Outdoor Security Camera Wireless Best outdoor security camera wireless outdoor security camera Goowls Home Smart Security Surveillance Indoor/Outdoor Security System
Max Video Resolution 2K 2K 1080p 1080p 1080p 1080p 1080p 4K Ultra HD
Field of View 160 Degree 160 Degree 130 96 110 130 110 87
Night Vision IR Night Vision IR Night Vision IR Night Vision IR Night Vision IR Night Vision IR Night Vision IR Night Vision Color, IR Night Vision
Audio 2 Way Audio 2 Way Audio 2 Way Audio None 2 Way Audio 2 Way Audio 2 Way Audio 2 Way Audio
Motion Detection Single Motion Detector Single Motion Detector Smart Motion Detection Smart Motion Detection Infrared Hardware Detection PIR Motion Detection Smart Motion Detection SmartZone™ Advanced Detection
Weather Resistant UV and weather-resistant (IP65 rating) UV and weather-resistant (IP65 rating) IP65 rating IP65 rating IP65 rating IP65 rating IP65 rating IP67 rating
Integration Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, IFTTT Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, IFTTT Google Assistant Amazon Alexa Amazon Alexa Amazon Alexa Amazon Alexa None
Storage Local, Cloud Local, Cloud Cloud Cloud Cloud Local, Cloud Local, Cloud Local (2 TB)
Battery Powered Rechargeable Battery (3-6 Month) Rechargeable Battery (3-6 Month) AC Power Adapter DC Power Adapter 2 AA lithium batteries Rechargeable Battery Power Adapter Power Adapter
Arlo Pro 3 Spotlight Camera Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera Google Nest Cam Zmodo Outdoor Security Camera Blink Outdoor ZUMIMALL Wireless Security Camera Goowls Smart Home Security Lorex 4K HD

Best Outdoor Security Cameras (Editor’s Pick)

Arlo Pro 3 Spotlight Camera (Best Overall)

Arlo Pro 3 Spotlight Camera

Camera Suggest’s Rating


Arlo Pro 3 Spotlight Camera is for you to place bets and get the best-in-class results out of it in the long run. We appreciate this product’s longevity the most because its supreme durable design and build quality ensure the product stays intact in the worst weather conditions.

It’s a 2K Video & HDR quality Camera system that comes with Color Night Vision, 2-Way Audio, 6-Month Battery Life, 160° View, which are very similar specs to Arlo’s 3 Floodlight Camera. However, with smooth motion detection, even better than Floodlight, The Spotlight comes off slightly better as compared to Floodlight. In terms of saving money, you get to keep a couple of bucks if you select to purchase more of this product.

Higher the number, the higher the savings. Plus it comes in two colors, Black & White. We recommend this Stadium-shaped exceptional device to those who love Floodlight’s specifications and requirements but asked for a better design and even better build quality.

  • An Object Detection functionality that works through AI.
  • Top-the-notch quality Color detection, even in night vision.
  • Captures footage in a remarkable 2K with HDR quality.
  • A seamlessly integrated two-way audio system.
  • Easy to set up.


Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera

Best Floodlight Camera

Camera Suggest’s Rating


Coming with HDR & 2K Video quality, Arlo’s Pro 3 Floodlight Camera comes in a super simple, minimalistic, and straightforward design. Talking about the build quality, the product is entirely weather-resistant, which means the product is resistant to any kind of rough weather conditions, be it attacks of water, mud, loo, anything. Thus we say ‘check’ in terms of its durability.

What we love the most is that it comes with a superior quality flashlight, which gives out enough light that even in the darkest of nights, you can sit back and relax because the footage would be crystal-clear. If you want a product that provides the comfort of affordability, comes loaded with valuable and comprehensive features, is easy to install and configure, and above all, is highly durable, Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera is your best bet!

  • From Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, and SmartThings, compatibility is spot-on!
  • Affordability is outstanding, charge once, & go on and on for 6 months of massive battery life straight!
  • A vast 160° diagonal viewing angle lens to capture the most in-frame.
  • A hassle-free experience with no monthly maintenance or service fees whatsoever.
  • Extremely easy to install.


Google Nest Cam Outdoor

Weatherproof Outdoor Camera for Home Security

Camera Suggest’s Rating


It’s pretty much instinctive now to trust a product if it has ‘Google’s Branding embedded on it. Google Nest comes with a circular design with a green light to indicate respective signals.

Motion detection, 1080p video quality, weatherproof capabilities, etc. are some of the common features offered with the product, like other similar ones. However, it is considered relatively pricey when compared with other products, but that’s entirely in the name of ‘Google’s Trust & Reliability,’ plus you can be sure that the product isn’t of some cheap quality that might tear off in a while.

Fortunately, it also has some distinctive features too, for example, 8x zoom, What we love the most, is the Nest Aware software compatible with Google Nest. Basically what it does is that it allows access to the videos onto your desired devices using cloud storage and also notifies you when it detects motion. If you refuse to invest in a not-much-known company product and might pay a minimally higher price to get a trustworthy product, i.e., your priority is to get a qualitative product, this is the perfect product for you.

  • Google’s Trust & Reliability.
  • Google’s Nest Aware allows access to the camera system.
  • Receive Intelligent Alerts on your desired device.
  • Cheap pricing for the monthly subscription.
  • This is a dedicated product for Outdoor Home Security Camera Systems (There is a separate Google Nest for indoor environments.)


Zmodo Outdoor Security Camera (Best Value for Money)

Zmodo Outdoor Security Camera Wireless


Camera Suggest’s Rating


Zmodo’s Wireless Outdoor Wireless Security Camera System offers weatherproof durability, a standard design, temperature resistance anywhere between -10℃ to 50℃, and so many more features at a budget effective price.

It’s crafted specifically to be mounted on walls. It impresses us the most in terms of coming out clean as being ‘Value For Money!’ Don’t take our word for it. More than 20,000+ positive customer feedback that is readily accessible for this product speaks for its originality and, above all, gives it the crown of trustability.

One can always go for local storage selections, but they’re prone to be accessed and damaged by clever intruders. Thus cloud storage is the safer option here. This is why we’ve dug a little into this product for quite some time now. Our favorite element to be mentioned here is that this Zmodo gives a free 1-month-trial period to check out their cloud storage options for the device that comes with a 7-day cloud recording plan, unlike most of the devices out there. If you look for the most ‘Value For Money’ product, here’s your best bet.

  • Performs seamlessly in both dark and lightened conditions. Captures clearly upto 65ft of distance in the dark.
  • It’s probably the easiest to set up in the list.
  • Motion Detection + Notification enabling option to check out who’s paying a visit.
  • Compatible with most devices and assistants.
  • Most of this product’s reviews are super positive and reflect benefits.


Blink Outdoor Wireless Camera

Best outdoor security camera

Camera Suggest’s Rating


Coming with probably the coolest design and the largest battery life in today’s list of Camera Systems, Blink Outdoor Security Camera is one of the products we personally find value for money.

The most appreciative aspect of Blink Outdoor Security Camera is its looks and overall design. An exceptionally minimalistic design with a bold black color is the reason why we really love the aesthetics of this product. By the way, Blink is a sub-company by Amazon itself, so in terms of quality, there isn’t anything to be worried about, plus it’s loaded with a ton of positive reviews.

Let’s appreciate its 2-YEAR-LONG BATTERY LIFE for a second because, in standard products, you get anywhere between the battery life of 6 months, one year, but usually not more. If your primary demands towards your Outdoor Security Camera System is for it to look incredibly distinctive, include all standard features, have a wider sense of compatibility, & a seamless experience of charging once and literally forgetting, guess what? Blink Outdoor Security Camera is the champ you need and truly desire!

  • Charge once, and forget for 2 years. Thanks to the huge battery life.
  • The trust of Amazon’s official Branding.
  • A distinctive and superior design.
  • Operate while enjoying the benefits of paid monthly subscription of the Blink Subscription Plan.
  • Little to no maintenance.


ZUMIMALL Wireless Security Camera

wireless outdoor security camera


Camera Suggest’s Rating


With a pretty simple & minimalistic design, Zumimall’s Wireless Security Camera is one of the most exceptional products in our today’s list. Just like the others, 1080P Video with Motion Detection, 2-Way Audio, Waterproof, compatible with Cloud Storage/SD Slot is some of the most prominent features this product has to offer.

While setting it up, you’d get to the realization that it has a very intuitive and comprehensive layout in the official application. Thus it’s effortless to configure, just the way it’s easy to install it. Even though this product has everything you’d ever need, the battery isn’t the best because, after one charge, it lasts up to 2-5, which the company claims.

It is a point to be noted that indeed 2-5 months is an amazing battery life with 6000mAH battery pack, but when we look at its competitors who offer 6 months, 1 year, even 2 years of battery’s longevity, we refuse to give it 10/10 in terms of battery, definitely not. But there is a reason why it’s still on the list, and we recommend it. The battery is still not an issue, but if you look at how precisely it operates your commands and records videos, you’d be astonished. Regardless of the battery, it is one of the most well-appreciated products of our today’s list.

  • Precisely detects motion up to 10m (32ft).
  • Best-in-class IP65 Weatherproof.
  • Movement Alert Notifications.
  • Easy to use, install, & configure.
  • A highly rated and reviewed product on prominent websites.


Goowls Home Smart Security Surveillance

Goowls Home Smart Security Surveillance


Camera Suggest’s Rating


Unlike most products in today’s list, Goowls Wireless Security Camera has a standard security camera design rather than a compact design. This is prominently the reason why it offers a 355° horizontal and 110° vertical rotation viewing range, which is the largest in comparison with other products.

Yes, it comes with all relevant features just like the others, including the IP65 Waterproof Certification, but being temperature resistant, it nails the job even at that task! Anywhere between 14 ° F to 113 ° F(-10°C to 45℃), no worries, Goowls got your backs! One of its most appreciated features includes a flawless Two-way Audio & Multi-Family Members Sharing System, which is designed for you to check who’s paying a visit to your house.

In terms of cables, wireless connections, assistants, your device, literally anything, it comes out clean even in the Connectivity integration. We highly recommend this product if your budget is not too strict, you expect a simpler design, and above all, want a machine that does the job seamlessly!

  • The 5Dbi Antenna Signal of Goowls camera is just remarkable!
  • A standard design with a 360-degree viewing angle, to be precise, 355° horizontal and 110° vertical rotation viewing range.
  • Weather Resistant, Dust Resistant, & even Temperature Resistant. Anywhere between 14 ° F to 113 ° F(-10℃ to 45℃) is just okay for it.
  • Easily accessible from as many devices as you’d like and is easy to set up.
  • A crystal clear picture quality.


Lorex 4K HD (Best for Indoor and Outdoor)

Indoor/Outdoor Security System


Camera Suggest’s Rating


Okay, so if picture quality and clarity are what you prioritize the most, then Lorex’s Indoor/Outdoor Security Camera System is for you! With a 4 x 4K UHD Bullet Cameras in one system, you get to see the tiniest of details, from a car’s number plate to a man’s clear face.

Nothing can hide! One of the most incredibly exceptional features that it offers is a motion-activated LED warning light and a remote-triggered siren to provide an added level of security and alert whenever it detects motion within the frame.

With a benchmark-setting capture range of 150 feet in the darkest of nights, Lorex has done an amazing job crafting this fine product that does the work being the Best of the Best! Don’t want to pay for monthly subscriptions of cloud storage? No worries, even here, Lorex has got your backs! It comes with a 2TB Local Storage that helps you store the footage for as long as it can.

Thus it saves a lot of money and is probably the most value-for-money product in our today’s list! We genuinely feel that this product has everything a person can expect, at a price like never before!

  • Best-in-class 4K UHD Video Quality.
  • 2TB of Local Storage.
  • A capturing range of 150ft, even in the dark!
  • A standard design that is weather-resistant, temperature resistant, and dust-resistant,
  • The most value-for-money product based on what we concluded.

How to install an outdoor security camera?

Installing an outdoor security camera system, or even an indoor camera, is not an easy task, to be honest. Suppose you have any prior experience installing a piece of equipment or maybe ever played around with a couple of tools in the past, yes. In that case, you can try it out, and perhaps you even install and assemble it yourself.

Remember, most of these devices are crafted in such a way that almost anybody can install them quickly. Still, suppose you’re uncertain about this or are a little afraid of drilling or electrical contact. In that case, it is never the wrong decision to consult a knowledgeable professional. We’ve created a separate article on how you can install a camera yourself, so you can check it out by clicking here.

For the record, taking professional help, or doing it all yourself, whatever path you take, you must understand the very concept of its installation because even if you approach a professional, you must facilitate them with proper instructions if they ask and must be aware of what they’re doing so that nobody can fool you. It is a simple process, and we’ve explained it in a much simpler sense, so check it out and learn how a regular individual can install an outdoor/indoor security camera system.

Where is the Best Place to Mount an Outdoor Security Camera?

There are many places where you can mount an Outdoor Security Camera, specifically to get you the best results and most coverage. Here are the four best places to consider.

Best Place to Mount an Outdoor Security Camera

1) The Front Door: For pretty obvious reasons, the front door is considered one of the best places to mount a security camera since it captures everything that approaches the main entrance of a house or office. There is no doubt that burglars can enter from other sides of the house if they do, but the front door is highly prone to intruding into the house. So be it for everyday usage or safety from intruders. The front door is the first place you might want to get a home security camera installed. You can install Peephole Camera or Doorbell Camera for better safety.

2) Back & Side-doors: Another place to mount an outdoor security camera is the backside and side-doors of the house. It is indeed the secondary door that gives access to your home. Thus some uninvited guests are much likely to invade through the side doors if they conclude that you have a security camera on the front door. This is why it’s highly recommended to make sure you have another camera mounted around the side doors.

3) Garage & Driveway: Side doors, check. Front Door check. But what about the Garage and Driveway? It won’t be much of a hustle for a clever thief to enter through the garage entrance if they realized that you have a security camera installed at both places. If you really want to catch an intruder red-handed, remember that it’s not the easiest job to calibrate if a driveway or garage has a security camera installed unless they’ve entered the house before. Thus, most of the intruders are left uninformed of this. So if they ever try to approach it, the camera can detect their motion and facially recognize them and alarm you right away on your device.

4) Yard: If you have a gardener, labor, or even if you’re just unsure of any malicious activity due to a couple of reported cases in your neighborhood, installing a camera system in your yard is probably the best decision you’d ever make. It is estimated that most intruders initially enter someone’s house through the lawns or yards. This is why realizing their existence the very first second they step in can be a way to stop them and be ready before some mishappening occurs.

Our Professional Verdict

Throughout this article, we guided you towards some of the best Outdoor Home Security Camera Systems of 2021, eight to be precise, and given that they’re all the best and serve somewhat different purposes, the ‘perfect product’ is what precisely fits your needs. This is why we comprehensively described each product along with respective key-pointers listing the main reasons why it’s the best, FOR YOU.

There’s no point if we tell you that some XYZ product is the best if we wrongly calculate your needs, so this is entirely on your shoulders and expects you to take a look at each product thoroughly. Hopefully, you found out what you’ve been looking for. If you learned something from today’s article or maybe found any help from it, make sure to let us know through the comments below.

We love reading stuff you guys write for us and always try to work upon your suggestions if we ever receive any.

Keep Smiling!

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